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Electrodes Application fields 'ej Segh

electrode 'e' electrical Qu'mey potlh juS vo' wa' medium latlh motlh vo' HoS Hal pagh Hap 'u' jan conductor qar. laH pIm chenmoH, wire, jengva', rod, pagh DaH nobvam mI' SuD ghaH 'ej 'ach commonly chenmoH baS. ghaH such as copper, silver, Dev, pagh zinc, 'ach je vutmeH QI'yaH-metallic substance 'e' 'ul. ghaH such as graphite qach 'oH.

referred electrode neH cell electrochemical je anode, pagh cathode. DaH defined anode electrode DeSDu' jIHMej cell electrons je ghoSlaH qaS oxidation je electrode DeSDu' jIHMej cell 'el electrons 'ej qaS reduction cathode je. Hoch electrode chaq moj anode, pagh depending on vegh cell Qu'mey potlh lurgh cathode. bipolar electrode 'e' Qap wa' cell anode latlh cell cathode je electrode qar.

anodes Cathodes 'ej

in the case of direct (dc) Qu'mey potlh, chang'eng 'ej Sov anodes cathodes je electrodes. dc Hal, defined cathode electrode mu'mey mej Qu'mey potlh law' lang nuqDaq ghoSmo' anode je. pong convention, depicted tlhInganpu' meq 'e' historical rather than scientific, 'ul neH circuit je leng vo' be negative, vaj 'e' legh je be Huj cathode, je vaj anode flow. 'ach consists electrical Qu'mey potlh, flow tiny negatively Huj particles electrons, pong vaj flow mojpu' qaStaHvIS lurgh opposite. qaStaHvIS context jIchegh Dunmo' 'e' simply in terms of be 'ej negative terminals.


lotvam nob element, laH electrolyzed ionic compound element. example sodium baS vo' molten salt joq sodium chloride production. HeghDI' attracted Qu'mey potlh flows, positively sodium tat Huj negative electrode, pagh cathode nuqDaq electrons Soq chaH, Dumerbe' SuvwI' sodium baS. attracted negatively Huj chloride tat anode, nuqDaq electrons chlorine, SIp je boS law' by-product Dumerbe' luj chaH.


qaStaHvIS mIw wep baS object je latlh baS pagh Hoch corrosion resistance Dub. cathode Dumerbe' wep object neH electrolysis mIw pong immersed neH soluble compound baS 'e' coating, Dumerbe' anode je chenmoH baS taS. HeghDI' flows Qu'mey potlh, attract cathode 'ej deposit Dumerbe' 'oH be baS tat vo' taS. Hoch natlh neH taS tat, ngaSwI' yuvtlhe' wIngaQmoHta'DI' chaH pong tat 'ej QuQ 'e' Dumerbe' vo' anode. rut, chenmoH anode vo' pIm Hap 'u' 'e' wej natlh; qaStaHvIS method ngaSwI' yuvtlhe' wIngaQmoHta'DI' pong yor woDDI' taS ghaj baS tat.

electrodes Usage

electrodes ngoQ medical, such as eeg (yab activity ta), ecg (tIq moq ta), ect (yab electrical stimulation), defibrillator (ta 'ej cardiac stimulation HIj).

Qo'noS electrodes electrophysiology techniques neH biomedical Qul;

electrodes electrolysis ;

electrodes electroplating ;

cathodic protection electrodes .

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